Technical Management

HWMS provides a high caliber of technical and operational assistance to managed fleets through a team of experienced Chief Engineers and Masters.

The Technical Management department oversees the entire technical operation of the fleet through qualified managers and superintendents. They are deployed to take full responsibility over different types of vessels including main engine propulsion; and provide support to the fleet, especially on the following aspects:

  • Monitor and maintain an active on-board safety culture and safety management system.
  • Monitor and follow up on the maintenance and upkeep of the vessels.
  • Keep the vessels in compliance with all the regulatory requirements of classification societies, flag, national and other international bodies.
  • Arrange, prepare and attend all inspections onboard the vessels as per the requirements of the owners and the safety management system.
  • Prepare the annual operating expense budget for all vessels in the fleet, and at the same time monitor operations on a regular basis.
  • Prepare monthly expense summary accompanied by a variance explanation.
  • Obtain worldwide bids and prepare the estimates of all major repairs in dry docks with attendance as required.
Crew Management

Apart from the abovementioned duties, the Technical Management department coordinates the reports from all the vessels and assists the Operations and Vetting department on inspections and cargo procedures. The Technical Department also coordinates the handling of any insurance claim by following up with the vessels in collecting the relevant data to ensure proper and efficient handling of the claims. The Superintendents and Managers oversee the purchasing department and guide the technical assistants in procuring important and major spares or repairs in the most economical manner.

The staff is well experienced in the operations of all types of vessels thus providing the foundation for a strong and Quality Ship Management Service.

Technical Management

  • Full technical management
  • Competitive procurement
  • Technical Inspections
  • Dry docking & repair supervision
  • On/Off hire surveys

Marine Services

  • Newbuilding supervision
  • Insurance & claims handling
  • Distressed Asset Management
  • Preparation of repair/conversion specification
  • Dedicated crews for owners
  • Training centres in 2 locations
  • Dry dock Agency & Logistics
  • Lifeboat Maintenance & Repair
  • Procurement for 3rd party fleets

Delivering the Solutions, you Need

  • Cost Savings – providing reliable and efficient
  • Network – ability to service vessels operating services at the best possible cos globally, with a focus on Asia and Middle East where we have a strong presence
  • Experience – 10 years of experience in technically